IMG_8323My artistic practice centres mostly around an in depth material research and an experimentation with the techniques linked to those materials. Previous I worked around concepts for which I searched materials to enhance them, adding extra layers. Yet now I am using the working method whereby I start from my interest in materials whereafter I work towards a concept that lays in those materials.

Natural materials appear to have the ability to touch us or trigger our mind and feelings. Plastics, on the other hand, are symbols for the superficial and fake, materials that say not much more than use, mass production and/or the destruction of nature. I take it up as a challenge to research its natural behaviours and possible identities. Within the medium of corpus/Silversmithing, I explore how I transform materials and set them free by handing over part of my control as a skilled, responsible craftsperson. The moulds and the materials share the ownership over the finished pieces with me, resulting in objects that are curious of their own possibilities and trigger your curiosity towards them.

This responsibility that you should have over the technique and materials as a maker is a concept that I am still exploring, as it keeps pushing not only my skills but also my opinions about what the proper ways of working are and which hierarchies are present within the field, both in the arts and the craft field.